• English Communication (Thur. 1)



    This course is for BEGINNER level students. This course will attempt to inspire students to cultivate an awareness of shin-zen-bi (truth, goodness, and beauty). Upon completion of this course, it is hoped that students will have gained a sense of direction by which to steer their lives. Through various in-class activities and out-of-class assignments, students will expand themselves and discover the qualities of truth, goodness, and beauty that lie within waiting to emanate from their deeper selves.


    Print the "Hand-Out" and bring it to class every week. Each week, the LAST PAGE of the "Hand-Out" must be submitted to the professor. You will work on it in class (with classmates if you wish). The "Listening Section" corresponds to section 6 or 7 on the "Hand-Out" and is for self-study.





    09.23 ONLINE New Student Orientation (quinoa) *attendance check-in not required today

    09.30 ONLINE About You, About Summer (spinach)

    10.07 ONLINE Finishing-Up and Taking a Breather (tomato)

    10.14 YOUR RESPONSE: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (potato)

    10.21 YOUR OWN LIFE: Slideshow /Hand-Out / Listening Section (parsley)

    10.28 A DIFFERENT TAKE: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (daikon)

    11.11 FAITHFUL CHOICES: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (cucumber)

    11.18 WORLD LIES WITHIN: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (pumpkin)

    11.25 REDEFINING EFFORT: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (alfalfa)

    12.02 EXPECT FROM YOU: Slideshow / Hand-Out / Listening Section (cabbage)

    12.09 Preparation (chicory)

    12.16 Student Presentations (lettuce)

    12.23 Student Presentations (broccoli)

    01.13 Final Paper Test (carrot)



    04.08 Introduction (quinoa)
    04.15 Who are you? (spinach)
    04.22 IT COMES AROUND: Movie Slideshow / Hand-Out with TASK / Listening Section (tomato)
    (A day of self-study! Please refer to LECTURE and submit the TASK ↓ from Oh-o! Meiji.)
    05.06 RESPONSIBILITY: Movie Slideshow / Lecture / Hand-Out with TASK/ Listening Section (parsley)
    05.13 CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES: Movie Slideshow / Lecture / Hand-Out with TASK / Listening Section (wheat)
    (password error - sorry - ohMeiji system limit)
    05.27 YOURSELF AS A GIFT: Movie Slideshow / LECTURE / Hand-Out with TASK / Listening Section (pumpkin)
    06.03 See HERE! (alfalfa)
    06.17 COMPLAINING: Movie Slideshow / Hand-Out with TASK / Listening Section (chicory)
    06.24 IMAGINATION:
    Movie Slideshow / Hand-Out with TASK / Listening Section (lettuce)
    07.01 Presentation Information (brocolli)
    07.08 Student Presentations (radish)
    07.15 Student Presentations (cauliflower)




    Grades will be decided on a balanced performance in the following areas: Student presentation, weekly in-class task, attendance, and paper review.



    Due to university regulations having to do with grade inflation, No "S, "A," or "B" grades will be given. As a general rule, students who complete this course will be awarded credit and the grade "C."



    No textbook.





  • Science English (Thursday 2)



    *This course is for INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level students.


    Class content has been modified from the original syllabus due to COVID19 scheduling disruptions.
    The syllabus was finalized on September 25, 2021.

    09.23 ONLINE Class Orientation

    09:30 ONLINE Student Introductions (lettuce)

    10.07 ONLINE Finalized Syllabus (chicory)

    10.14 View BTF Documentary (kohlrabi)

    10.21 More Climate, Presentation Info & Grouping (kale)

    10.28 BTF Listening/Vocabulary / Task 1 (turnip)

    11.11 BTF Listening/Vocabulary / Task 2 (daikon)

    11.18 BTF Listening/Vocabulary / Task 3 (beetroot)

    11.25 BTF Listening/Vocabulary / Task 4 (chard)

    12.02 BTF Listening/Vocabulary / Task 5 (quinoa)

    12.09 Preparation (leek)

    12.16 Student Presentations (shallot)

    12.23 Student Presentations (fennel)

    01.13 Final Test or Report (trefoil)




    Grades will be decided based on Weekly BTF Tasks (50%) and Final Test or Report (50%).










    OPTION 1: The area explored in this course will be the outcome of the Rio+20 Summit (with an emphasis on science and innovation): The Sustainable Development Goals. SDGs is a historic declaration ratified by 193 UN Member States outlining the goals and targets from 2016 to 2030. Your learning objectives for this course should be that by the end of the semester, you should: (a) have become familiar with the broad contours of SDGs; (b) understand, appreciate, and assimilate information having to do with paths towards global prosperity, human well-being and a healthy planet; (c) have increased your vocabulary, and (d) have expanded your worldview.

    OPTION 2 This class will be conducted as an online/on-demand class which will consist of mostly self-study + a classroom face-to-face option. Science is about facts, evidence, and truth. In this class, we will study Critical Thinking for the Digital Age. Misinformation and disinformation run rampant all around us, and everyone needs to hone their skills to decipher what is true and what is not. We will study using YouTube videos not made for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. This makes it a bit challenging. However, if you put time and effort into it, you will see much improvement in your English comprehension ability. The journey begins!

    09.23 Class Orientation / Choice Explanations (attendance password: alfalfa)
    09.30 Selection Finalized and
    Introductions (lettuce)
    Introduction to Navigating Digital Information + Start Here + Lecture + 10.14 Listening (part 6) + Task (chicory)
    Fact-Checking + Handout 2+ Lecture + Task (kohlrabi)
    Lateral Reading + Handout 3 + Lecture + Task (kale)
    Deciding Who To Trust + Handout 4 + Lecture + Task (turnip)
    Using Wikipedia + Handout 5 + Lecture + Task (daikon)
    Evaluating Evidence + Handout 6 + Lecture + Task (beetroot)
    12.02 Evaluating Photos and Videos + Handout 7 + Lecture + Task (chard)
    Data and Infographics + Handout 8 + Lecture + Task (quinoa)
    Click Restraint + Handout 9 + Lecture + Task (leek)
    Social Media + Handout 10 + Lecture + Task (shallot)
    01.13 TEST (Report) SUBMISSION (fennel)
    OPTION 3

    09.23 Class Orientation

    09:30 Student Introductions (lettuce)

    10.07 [1] Introduction / [2] Energy (chicory)

    10.14 [3] Population & Consumption / [4] Depletion (kohlrabi)

    10.21 [5] Pollution / [6] Political & Economic Management (kale)

    10.28 [7] Belief Systems / [8] Biodiversity (turnip)

    11.11 [9] Collapse / [10] Thinking in Systems (daikon)

    11.18 [11] Shifting Cultural Stories / [12] Culture Change & Neuroscience (beetroot)

    11.25 [13] What is Resilience? / [14] Community Resilience in the 21st Century (chard)

    12.02 [15] Building Community Resilience / [16] How Globalization Undermines Resilience (quinoa)

    12.09 [17] Economic Relocalization / [18] Social Justice (leek)

    12.16 [19] Education / [20] Meeting Essential Community Needs (shallot)

    12.23 [21] Resilience in Major Sectors / [22] Review, Assessment & Action (fennel)

    01.13 Final Test or Report (trefoil)

    Grades will be decided based on weekly student tasks (65%) and the Final Test/Report (35%). The YouTube English is fast, and the content is not always easy, so the professor will be "understanding."